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2012 Past Events

Hell's Loop Baker to Barstow EventCongrats to all the Salton Sea T.T. racers!
The running of the Second Annual Salton Sea T.T. 396-Mile X-Treme Endurance Race was very real. Fortunately the weather cooperated until most racers finished, as everyone did, and there was no drama.
Linda Hurley AVERAGED 74.95 miles-per-hour, with Jeff Corsaro biting at her rear wheel. Jeff AVERAGED 72.88 miles-per-hour! A mere nine minutes separated them at the end of the race. They achieved these speeds notwithstanding gas stops, a US Customs/Immigration Border Checkpoint, cages, wind, and posting the obligatory MSILSF postcard in a US Mail Box!
Tom Wheeler won 1st Place in Class I (50cc to 100cc) on his Kymco S9. This is Tom's second x-treme endurance win in 4 months, having won Hell's Loop T.T. in November 2011. Tom only won his class, but finished 1st overall!
This is the first time we have had vintage scooter racers. We're impressed!
The results are:

Class IV: 301cc to 650cc
1st Place: Linda Hurley / Yamaha 400cc Majesty (1st overall) 5 hrs. 17 min.

Class III: 176cc to 300cc
1st Place: Jeff Corsaro / Vespa 300S (2nd overall) 5 hrs. 26 min.
2nd Place: Stan Scott / Honda 250 Helix (3rd overall) 6 hrs.19 min.
3rd Place: John Haynes / Vintage Piaggio P200

Class II: 101cc to 175cc
1st Place: Ryan Jeffries / Genuine Blackjack
2nd Place: Josh Sawyer / Genuine Blackjack
3rd Place: Kevin Stram / Vintage Vespa Sprint 156cc

Class IV: 50cc to 100cc
1st Place: Tom Wheeler / Kymco S9
2nd Place: Alan Spears / Kymco S9

2012 Salton Sea T.T. 396-Mile X-Treme Endurance Rally

Official MSILSF Patch

Hell's Loop 375-Mile X-Treme Endurance Race

Tom Wheeler (
won Hell's Loop T.T. 1st Overall/1st Place 50cc on his Kymco People T2!

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