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In 2007 we contacted the AMA/BUB, which oversees motorcycle speed-racing at Bonneville, in the hope of convincing it to consider implementing scooter classes that would be run separately from the motorcycles. We knew that to compete against motorcycles at the AMA/BUB Bonneville Speed Trials on anything other than a box-stock scooter, we'd be running in the Modified Chassis, Aspirated Engine, Gasoline Class (M-AG). We also knew we'd have to beat the motorcycle records by 1 mph to establish a World Scooter Record, and that, even then, wouldn't be recognized as such.  The motorcyle speed records are:


70.314 mph (1974) T.Walsh; Honda
93.137 mph (1973) T. Conway; Kawasaki
115.383 mph (2008) G. Meola; Honda
106.023 mph (1977) Dale Ebersole; Yamaha
139.369 mph (2007) B. Wagner; Honda
139.006 mph (1978) B.H. Erikson Yamaha
143.471 mph (2006) J. Kott; Yamaha

Everyone knows scooters don’t go nearly as fast as motorcycles, and we knew we couldn't compete against these records.

AMA/BUB rejected our proposed rule changes and the creation of scooter classes for its 2008 event. We are now working with Dennis Manning of BUB Racing to integrate motor-scooters into the AMA/BUB 2011 Bonneville program.

The Southern California Timing Association, which hosts events at Bonneville and other venues, including El Mirage Dry Lake, CA, precludes two-wheelers with less than 15" wheels from participating.

With no recognized sanctioning organization willing to accept motor-scooters into the fold, we decided to create our own organization, appoint ourselves as the sanctioning organization of motor-scooter land-speed records, and get about the business of hosting the First Annual Motor-scooter Land-Speed Record Trials on November 21st 2010 at El Mirage Dry Lake, California.

For this first event we are keeping the "Rules" as simple as possible. Read on...

We hope you'll join us for a really fun and historic day in the California desert.

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