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Motor-Scooter Land-Speed Trials

Unfortunately MSILSF is not hosting Land-Speed in 2011. Executive Vice-President Capt. Laurito (Sidecar Land-Speed Record Holder) has been diligently working to find us a suitable venue. Most recently he has been in negotiations with the administration of Naval Air Station Chase Field in Texas, who control an 8,000' x 250' paved level runway. We have also sent e-mail to the Bureau of Land Management field office that controls the Bonneville Salt Flat, with out the courtesy of a reply.

After the commentary in (February 2011 issue) as regards our using Route 66 as an alternative to canceling the event, we're hesitant to re-book that venue.

"So what's wrong with this stretch of Historic Route 66? Why were no records set? It boils down to three things: space, incline, and precipitation. When attempting land speed records one needs enough space to get up to maximum speed, in some cases more than a mile. This course was only 3/4 of a mile, which included the deceleration space."

Similarly, we're hesitant to re-book El Mirage Dry Lake because of the legal requirements -- vis-a-vis expense -- demanded by the Bureau of Land Management's Barstow Field Office as a result of the August 2010 calamity at Soggy Dry Lake.

The Mojave Mile folks have the runway there tied up and charge exorbitant fees. We attempted to inquire of 2010 Land-Speed participants if they'd pay $250 entry fees, but we only received one reply -- and it was negative.

Just as soon as we find a suitable venue and/or major corporate sponsor that will permit us to stage Land-Speed as a break-even event, we'll book the venue and get about the business of advertising.

Alan Spears

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