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Salton Sea T.T. 396-Mile Endurance Rally
Brawley, CA ~ Saturday, March 26th 2011

MSILSF riders departed the Brawley Inn and Convention Center at 8 a.m. to ride three laps around the Salton Sea. Linda Hurley, MSILSF Pro Rider #126 and 400cc Land-Speed Record Holder took an early and commanding lead, finishing 1st overall with an approximate average speed of 58.44 mph. Linda also won a 1st Place in the 400cc Class for her stunning performance. Linda rode her scooter to the venue from Orange County, CA, completed the event in adverse and some times dangerous conditions, and rode her Majesty home! Kudos to Linda!

Stanton Scott, another MSILSF Pro Rider finished second overall on his 250cc Honda Reflex, also winning the 250cc Class. Stan's approximate average speed: 52 mph! Stan traveled to the venue from Arizona, but hauled his Reflex in a van.

Third Place overall went to newcomer Arlene Battishill, who also took first place in the 150cc Class riding her California Scooter Company custom Mustang replica. Arlene's approximate average speed of nearly 48 miles-per-hour was nothing short of phenominal, considering the 40-mile-per-hour sustained headwinds on Highway #86 between Brawley and Mecca, and a bandaged/splinted finger on her throttle hand!

Freestyle Rider Ernie Vigil finished second in the 150cc Class on a Benelli 150, followed by Jeff "Robot" Corsaro on a new Genuine "Stella" riding for Motorsport Scooters, and Robert Pecher on an older Genuine "Stella" two-stroke riding for

Freestyle Rider Nick "Apex" Brocher won the 50cc Class riding a Yamaha Zuma, sponsored by Leo Vince Exhaust Systems.

Ryan Jeffries was in third place overall, and leading the 175cc Class, when the drive belt on his Genuine Buddy unraveled sending him into a 180-foot slide. Miraculously he hidn't bite the asphalt, or end up splattered in the grille of an oncoming big-rig! Ryan was less than 8 miles from the finish. In an extraordinary gesture of sportswomanship and camaradere, Arlene Battishill passed her 3rd Place Overall trophy to Ryan for his extraordinary performance.

Despite the treacherous winds on Highway #86, and the danger associated with big-rigs passing strings of cars (and scooters) on two-lane Highway #111, a great time was had by all.

Kudos to Event Executive Kathleen Hilz, Chief Tech Inspector Dennis Rowe, and MSILSF VP/Ops Officer Carl Hancock for their dedication and hard work facilitating this event.

Entries are now being accepted for the 2012 Lake Tahoe T.T. online at

Alan Spears, Scootermeister

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